Central Chase

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Project Description

Project: Central Chase, Fitzgibbon – 46 x 2.5 Bathroom Townhouses

Scope of Works: Plumbing, Drainage, Recycled Water Reticulation & Gas Fitting

Central Chase was a Townhouse Development within the ULDA estate of Fitzgibbon Chase on the North Side of Brisbane. Consisting of 46 Two Storey Townhouses, KPG worked in partnership with Builder & Developer to manage all the Civil Works for this project.

This project was KPG’s first case study to scrutinise both the hydraulic plans of the civil designer and the building hydraulic designer to ensure a seamless integration between the two stages of the project. By working in closely with the client we were able to modify the design to ensure efficiency with not only the civil infrastructure but also reduce costs and compliance issues with the actual build.